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Dance Class

  • At Candidus, we provide a vibrant learning environment where children discover and develop their talents.

  • We tailor our programme to help children realize their full potential.

  • Our lessons are taught in simple & easy to understand lingo and the choreographies are specially tailored for the children.

  • Why Dance?

          1. ​Dancing improves and enhance fitness as well as physical coordination.

          2. Children learn to adapt and explore movement through dance choreography.

          3. It helps to develop skills in team work and enhances group awareness.

          4. Children develop communication skills through body language and expression.

          5. It encourages creativity of the body and mind.

          6. It helps to develop an understanding of rhythm by moving to music.

          7. It helps to build self confidence.

  • ​Enrollment Age : 4 - 12 years old

  • Frequency : 1 lesson per week

  • Duration : 1 hour per lesson

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